For over two decades, MigaCad has been a leading company in the printed circuit board field in local market, thanks to uncompromising professionalism, technological innovation, efficiency, and working to schedule.

As a company specializing in the design, manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards, in a wide range of fields and for a wide range of needs, we make every effort to streamline processes for our customers, shorten timeframes, and save on costly resources. If the need arises, we also offer mechanical planning and production solutions.

Making PCB Simple

From the concept stage to the final product, from the prototype to the end user, MigaCad offers all the solutions under one roof. We specialize in offering a comprehensive solution, and have developed special expertise in providing an answer for small production runs.

We  have years of proven experience in planning, developing and designing printed circuit boards, and offer planning and production services for mechanical models. A skilled and versatile team handles both mass production and small production runs, and experienced professionals are responsible for assembling the boards, electrical testing, and putting together assemblies.

With its deep familiarity and understanding of the needs, and in order to streamline and improve the process and maintain a high technological standard, MigaCad offers full turnkey services that, in addition to planning, production and assembly, also include purchasing top-quality components in short timeframes and at competitive prices.

The MigaCad staff is equipped with cutting-edge tools in the field of hardware and software, meeting the most stringent standards and regulations in Israel and worldwide, and implements original solutions of the highest quality. An advanced work environment, maximum flexibility, creativity, and availability, together with many years’ experience in collaborating and working with project engineers and managers, give us the ability and skill to answer every need in a wide range of fields.

MigaCad was founded in 1994, and over the years has provided services and products to entities in different sectors and branches in Israel and abroad, including the Ministry of Defense, leading electronic processor companies, manufacturers of medical equipment, communication companies, and high-tech companies. The company’s offices are located in the Yoqneam high-tech park, and are accessible to all.

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